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TP optical material

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29
  • Product name:
  • TP optical material

  • Main function:
  • OCA is used for bonding transparent optical components, and the anti explosion film is used for panel, touch screen, mobile phone and digital camera to avoid surface scratch.
Product introduction

OCA Advantage

  • Reduce glare, reduce the loss of light emitted by LCD

  • Increase the brightness of LCD and provide a high transmittance, reduce energy consumption

  • Increase contrast, especially the contrast under strong light

  • Face connection has a higher strength

  • Avoid Newton's ring

  • Product surface more smooth

  • No boundaries, to expand the visual area

Explosion proof film

  • On the role of the explosion-proof emission lens, its light transmittance is high, with strong performance

  • When the glass is broken or the battery is broken, the explosion proof film can effectively prevent the sputtering of the glass.

  • Can be used as an anti explosion film PET material surface to do printing, electroplating and other decorative process

  • The explosion-proof film is adhered to the surface of the plane without intervals or gaps, and the printing ink is not broken, and no air bubbles are generated, thereby greatly improving the yield. 

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